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Terms & Conditions

Hillview 5 Star Boarding Cattery T&Cs

Terms & Conditions

We have outlined the terms & conditions that you and your pet must meet to use our cat accommodation. Below is a quick check-in list, so you know what to bring for your pet to be comfortable.


Check-in List:

  • A current vaccination (F3 minimum) within the past 12 months. A vaccine certificate must be shown.
  • Flea/worm treatment before booking in.
  • Any medications clearly labelled with your cat’s name accompanied with any instructions.
  • Are any special foods or special feeding instructions for your cat?
  • We provide bedding at Hillview Cattery; however, if you wish to bring a small blanket, lovie or item of clothing of yours for your cat, please feel free to do so. (Note: do not wash your item beforehand).


Terms & Conditions

1) Vaccinations: All cats must have an F3 vaccination at a minimum within the past 12 months. A current vaccination certificate must be provided. You can send us a copy of your current certificate by email/text (we will acknowledge receipt) or bring the original with you on the day of drop-off. A copy will be retained for our records.

2) Flea/worm Control: We require our clients to apply a flea/worm treatment to their cat prior to boarding (Advocate, Revolution or similar). If fleas are detected, your cat will be treated with Advocate (at cost) and charged to your account.

3) Early Pick-up: Please be careful when choosing dates for boarding. Fees are payable for the number of nights you have booked, not the number of nights your pet stays with us. This is in line with industry practice.

4) Late Check-Out: On your pet’s last day with us we offer a late check-out up to 6.00 pm in the evening at no extra cost. Please note however that during peak periods your pet may be moved for a short time on their last day of boarding to a sheltered garden holding suite to enable us to prepare the existing suite for a new arrival. Please note that an extra day of boarding may be charged if you pick up after closing time.

5) Emergency Treatment: We have a 24-hour on-call arrangement with the Colac Vet Clinic. In the event of an emergency, we will arrange for your pet to be provided with whatever treatment is considered necessary at that time in consultation with the vet. All costs will be charged to the owner. We also require permission from owners to allow their veterinarians to give us full details about their pets. Naturally, in the first instance, we will always endeavour to make contact with you immediately to discuss the situation.

6) Non-Collection of Pet: In the event that you do not pay your fees, your pet will not be released to you and instead will be treated in terms of the Domestic Animals Act 1994. However, this does not release the owner from your liability to pay outstanding fees.

7) Disclosure of information: We require owners to provide us with all necessary information regarding their pet to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, your cat and other pets in our care. This is provided on our Registration Form.

8) Duty of care: We will take all reasonable care for your pet, however, we cannot be held liable or responsible for injury, death, loss of any kind, or expenses relating to the aforementioned that may occur whilst your pet is residing at our facility.

9) Photography: We like to update photographs on our website and other social media platforms from time to time (such as Facebook and Instagram). In this regard, we use unidentified photos of pets staying at our facility. If you do not wish for us to use photographs of your pet there is a provision on our Registration Form to opt-out.

10) Payment terms: Payments for services are usually payable at the end of your pet’s stay with us with the exception of peak periods where payment is required at check-in. At peak periods (Christmas/New Year, Easter, and School Holidays), we usually require a non-refundable deposit or full payment to secure your booking. For your convenience EFTPOS and Credit Card facilities are available at no extra charge. We also accept cash.  Cheques can only be accepted by prior arrangement.