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Running a Cattery Business through the Pandemic: Purr-severance pays off


Operating our Luxury Cattery Business through the Pandemic

When COVID hit Hillview Cattery in early 2020, we don’t think anyone could have prepared us for what was ahead. In our case, we were on track for our best year ever when lockdowns started. We lost nearly all of our forward bookings as we are inextricably linked to the travel, tourism, and the holiday industry. Many of those businesses were provided with industry-specific support, but unfortunately, our industry was not. Coming out of the last lockdown in late 2021, we really didn’t know if we would even have a business. (We already knew of a number of similar businesses that didn’t make it through COVID.)

Increasing occupancy rates

We were delighted when our occupancy rates started to improve as people started travelling again. Throughout 2022 and 2023 our cattery business thrived. In fact, our cat boarding bookings basically doubled in the last financial year just gone.

Loyal customer base

This would not have been possible without the support of our wonderful, loyal customers who chose to stick with us, and the many new customers who have joined the Hillview Family in the past 18 months. We remain very grateful for your support, which is enabling us to provide five local people with jobs, which in turn supports the local economy and other local small businesses.

Supporting our community

We have also maintained our local community support with sponsorship of our local Football club, Netball Club, Bowls Club, and various other community activities, including gold sponsor of the upcoming Birregurra Arts Show. We’re also both proud volunteers of Colac Area Health.

Hillview has always been more than just a business to us. Being part of and supporting the local community is just as important as the community’s support of us. 

Experience a 5-star luxury cat boarding suite at Hillview

Give the purr-fect vacation for your feline friends. Book one of our fabulous suites at our luxury cat hotel and experience the Hillview differenceWe treat every furry guest as our own, lavishing love and attention on them and ensuring their health and happiness during their stay. Send us a message to book your stay or call (03) 5236 2115.

Short Stay and Long-term Boarding


long-term boarding hillview

At Hillview, we get regular enquiries. Most of the time, we get requests for one or two weeks at a time. However, we often get requests for short-term boarding as well as long-term boarding, and the good news is that we do both!  

Short-term boarding  

We consider short-term boarding to be any stay less than three nights, but no reservation is too small for us!  

Sometimes people want to get away for the weekend or are having some work done at the house and need puss to be kept safe and sound for a couple of days, which makes a short stay at Hillview a perfect solution. We have even done “kitty daycare”, where the cat was dropped off for a day of pampering before being picked up later that night.  

We also understand that things can change quickly, and you may need boarding options in case of emergencies. To accommodate all kitties, we offer short-notice bookings when you most need boarding.  

 Long-term boarding  

We also specialize in long-term boarding, which is 29 nights and over.  

Whether it’s that long-awaited overseas holiday or even a home renovation, Hillview is here to give you peace of mind that your puss is getting the very best care every day. We have even looked after cats for over 12 months, so no long-term boarding reservations are too big for us either!  

The longer your puss stays, the bigger the benefit, as we offer discounts on all long-term boarding rates.  

The following discounts apply:  

  • 29 – 42 nights: 10% off our standard daily rate.  
  • 43 – 63 nights: 15% off our standard daily rate.  
  • 64 – 84 nights: 20% off our standard daily rate.  
  • Over 84 nights: price on application considering seasonal considerations.  

Suite options during their stay  

We have the perfect suite option no matter how long or short their stay at Hillview is.  

From single suites to suites suited for six cats, outdoor garden suites, indoor suites and double suites for kitties that can stand being away from their fur friends, we have a suite for everyone.  

Open all year round  

Some similar businesses can’t offer this service as they close for some period of the year, but not at Hillview! Hotels never close, and neither do we. We’re open seven days a week and 365 days a year, so we are always here to fit in with your long-term boarding needs at any time!  

Long-term boarding just outside of Geelong  

Our top priority is ensuring your puss has the perfect vacation at our registered and reliable cat hotel, no matter how long they’re with us.  

We are here 365 days a year, so call us anytime on (03) 5236 2115 to discuss your cat’s long–term (or short!) boarding needs. We are always here when you need us.   

How Big is Hillview Cattery?


Hillview Cattery

Hillview Farm Cattery is located along the Surf Coast in the Otway Colac shire, and luckily for us, we’re set on 35 acres of lovely farmland offering a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere for your cat and one incredible view for us. 

One of the questions we often get asked is: “How big is the Cattery?”. The answer depends on what time of the year it is!  

Multi-option Suites

With accommodation options for more than 70 guests, we can adjust the cattery suites to meet demand throughout the year. Over our peak periods, such as Christmas/New Year and Easter, we can operate up to 68 suites (34 indoor-only suites and 34 outdoor-only suites). For the rest of the year, we operate with 34 Combined indoor/outdoor suites. Meaning your puss gets the luxury of a double suite with full indoor and outdoor suite access for one price. 

Multiple guests 

More than one cat? Don’t worry we’ve got options for pairs or families too! Our Double suites with indoor and outdoor access offer enough room for your duo to get around. Additionally, our Colony Suites can accommodate 3-6 of your furry family members. 

We are always looking for ways to improve our facilities and manage the cattery to effectively house our guests. The changes we have made to reconfigure the cattery to increase capacity to meet demand have been one of the major investments we have made since taking over the business in 2014. 

Holiday bookings at Hillview Cattery 

If you’re looking for boarding over Christmas or Easter, we’ve got you covered! The size of Hillview allows us to comfortably care for your pets over the holidays and lets them relax in our 5-star boarding facilities.   

It is never too early to sort out your furry friend’s holiday away, as we always book out well in advance. Want to know more? We are here 365 days a year, so call us at any time on (03) 5236 2115 to discuss your cat’s needs.  

Registered, Regulated and Reliable Cattery


Hillview registered cattery

While we may look like we’re all about luxury cat naps and cuddles with your kitties (we are!), so much more goes on behind the scenes at Hillview registered cattery. For example, did you know that there is a mandatory code of practice for boarding facilities in Victoria? 

The code covers things such as minimum space requirements, security, feeding regimes, cleaning (and cleanliness) documentation and a myriad of other things. If we don’t comply, we lose our registration but also know that your cats aren’t getting the best care possible.

Registered cattery

In line with these requirements, as a registered cattery, we pride ourselves on offering:

  • Three luxury multi-level suite options provide your kitty with the right accommodation and space for their needs
  • Private outdoor area with coverage for your cat to relax at their leisure.
  • Split systems for heating and cooling as well as ceiling and floor insulation to maintain the perfect temperature no matter the season
  • Vet on call 24 hours a day
  • Twice daily feeding and individual dietary preferences for your furry friend
  • High security
  • Twice daily suite servicing to maintain hygiene and cleanliness standards.
  • Suites and bedding are disinfected and cleaned between guests per the Pet Industry Mandatory Code of Practice.

At least annually, the Ranger from the Colac Otway Shire conducts an audit and inspection of our facility. This ensures we are compliant with the code and that our registration certificate is on public display in the reception area. As such, we are the only council-approved and registered cattery /pet facility in the Colac Otway Shire! 

5-star service near Geelong

Aside from providing your kitty cat with the best service while they’re with us, endless cuddles and TLC, their health and safety is our top priority, so you have complete peace of mind that your pet is getting the very best of care from a registered cattery who are both regulated and multi-award-winning.

We also have our own Customer Charter we invite you to review.

Book a stay at our boutique facility

If you want to know more, call us at (03) 5236 2115. We are here 365 days a year for all your Cattery needs!

Why you should Choose Hillview Cat Boarding vs a Pet Sitter to care for your puss



Recently we have been receiving calls from cat owners asking us to take over the care arrangement of their puss from a pet/house sitter. Sadly, more often than not, we hear their beloved pet has “escaped” their home and ended up with the local pound from where we usually retrieve them. Don’t let this happen to your fur baby! Book your puss in for the love and care they deserve whilst you are away at our cattery. 

Why book a cat boarding facility versus a pet sitter

Cats have a strong fight-or-flight response so when their routine is changed they often fight it or take flight. Often well-meaning pet owners think that the familiarity of home is best for their puss. However, staying home can sometimes create other unintended stresses.

In the past, our cattery near Geelong has had situations where pet sitters have fallen ill or had to cancel unexpectedly. We have also had cat owners ring in distress as their arranged pet sitter decided last minute they wanted to take a holiday themselves instead of looking after the cat. You can imagine how stressed the owner AND cat were when they arrived at our local cattery near Geelong!

Make sure your cat is well-cared for

At our five-star luxury cattery, no last-minute cancellations ever happen. And booking can be made well in advance to get the suite your puss desires. 

Reliable pet-sitting care for your cat near Geelong

At Hillview Cattery, we are incredibly passionate about being reliable, trustworthy and honest. We guarantee the 3 R’s:

Five-star cat boarding accommodation 

In addition to our well-appointed suites, we provide quality food, fresh water, and clean bedding, as well as plenty of toys and activities to keep your cat entertained and engaged. Plus we monitor your cat’s health and happiness so that you can be sure your cat is doing well. 

Book a stay at our boutique cat hotel 

Using our professional pet-sitting service will give you peace of mind that while you are away, your pussy cat is getting the very best of care in a safe and loving environment. Our professional and caring team will ensure your fur baby has the perfect vacation at our award-winning luxury cat boarding facility just outside of Geelong. Send us a message to book your stay or call (03) 5236 2115.