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Short Stay and Long-term Boarding

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At Hillview, we get regular enquiries. Most of the time, we get requests for one or two weeks at a time. However, we often get requests for short-term boarding as well as long-term boarding, and the good news is that we do both!  

Short-term boarding  

We consider short-term boarding to be any stay less than three nights, but no reservation is too small for us!  

Sometimes people want to get away for the weekend or are having some work done at the house and need puss to be kept safe and sound for a couple of days, which makes a short stay at Hillview a perfect solution. We have even done “kitty daycare”, where the cat was dropped off for a day of pampering before being picked up later that night.  

We also understand that things can change quickly, and you may need boarding options in case of emergencies. To accommodate all kitties, we offer short-notice bookings when you most need boarding.  

 Long-term boarding  

We also specialize in long-term boarding, which is 29 nights and over.  

Whether it’s that long-awaited overseas holiday or even a home renovation, Hillview is here to give you peace of mind that your puss is getting the very best care every day. We have even looked after cats for over 12 months, so no long-term boarding reservations are too big for us either!  

The longer your puss stays, the bigger the benefit, as we offer discounts on all long-term boarding rates.  

The following discounts apply:  

  • 29 – 42 nights: 10% off our standard daily rate.  
  • 43 – 63 nights: 15% off our standard daily rate.  
  • 64 – 84 nights: 20% off our standard daily rate.  
  • Over 84 nights: price on application considering seasonal considerations.  

Suite options during their stay  

We have the perfect suite option no matter how long or short their stay at Hillview is.  

From single suites to suites suited for six cats, outdoor garden suites, indoor suites and double suites for kitties that can stand being away from their fur friends, we have a suite for everyone.  

Open all year round  

Some similar businesses can’t offer this service as they close for some period of the year, but not at Hillview! Hotels never close, and neither do we. We’re open seven days a week and 365 days a year, so we are always here to fit in with your long-term boarding needs at any time!  

Long-term boarding just outside of Geelong  

Our top priority is ensuring your puss has the perfect vacation at our registered and reliable cat hotel, no matter how long they’re with us.  

We are here 365 days a year, so call us anytime on (03) 5236 2115 to discuss your cat’s long–term (or short!) boarding needs. We are always here when you need us.