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How Big is Hillview Cattery?

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Hillview Cattery

Hillview Farm Cattery is located along the Surf Coast in the Otway Colac shire, and luckily for us, we’re set on 35 acres of lovely farmland offering a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere for your cat and one incredible view for us. 

One of the questions we often get asked is: “How big is the Cattery?”. The answer depends on what time of the year it is!  

Multi-option Suites

With accommodation options for more than 70 guests, we can adjust the cattery suites to meet demand throughout the year. Over our peak periods, such as Christmas/New Year and Easter, we can operate up to 68 suites (34 indoor-only suites and 34 outdoor-only suites). For the rest of the year, we operate with 34 Combined indoor/outdoor suites. Meaning your puss gets the luxury of a double suite with full indoor and outdoor suite access for one price. 

Multiple guests 

More than one cat? Don’t worry we’ve got options for pairs or families too! Our Double suites with indoor and outdoor access offer enough room for your duo to get around. Additionally, our Colony Suites can accommodate 3-6 of your furry family members. 

We are always looking for ways to improve our facilities and manage the cattery to effectively house our guests. The changes we have made to reconfigure the cattery to increase capacity to meet demand have been one of the major investments we have made since taking over the business in 2014. 

Holiday bookings at Hillview Cattery 

If you’re looking for boarding over Christmas or Easter, we’ve got you covered! The size of Hillview allows us to comfortably care for your pets over the holidays and lets them relax in our 5-star boarding facilities.   

It is never too early to sort out your furry friend’s holiday away, as we always book out well in advance. Want to know more? We are here 365 days a year, so call us at any time on (03) 5236 2115 to discuss your cat’s needs.