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Why you should Choose Hillview Cat Boarding vs a Pet Sitter to care for your puss

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Recently we have been receiving calls from cat owners asking us to take over the care arrangement of their puss from a pet/house sitter. Sadly, more often than not, we hear their beloved pet has “escaped” their home and ended up with the local pound from where we usually retrieve them. Don’t let this happen to your fur baby! Book your puss in for the love and care they deserve whilst you are away at our cattery. 

Why book a cat boarding facility versus a pet sitter

Cats have a strong fight-or-flight response so when their routine is changed they often fight it or take flight. Often well-meaning pet owners think that the familiarity of home is best for their puss. However, staying home can sometimes create other unintended stresses.

In the past, our cattery near Geelong has had situations where pet sitters have fallen ill or had to cancel unexpectedly. We have also had cat owners ring in distress as their arranged pet sitter decided last minute they wanted to take a holiday themselves instead of looking after the cat. You can imagine how stressed the owner AND cat were when they arrived at our local cattery near Geelong!

Make sure your cat is well-cared for

At our five-star luxury cattery, no last-minute cancellations ever happen. And booking can be made well in advance to get the suite your puss desires. 

Reliable pet-sitting care for your cat near Geelong

At Hillview Cattery, we are incredibly passionate about being reliable, trustworthy and honest. We guarantee the 3 R’s:

Five-star cat boarding accommodation 

In addition to our well-appointed suites, we provide quality food, fresh water, and clean bedding, as well as plenty of toys and activities to keep your cat entertained and engaged. Plus we monitor your cat’s health and happiness so that you can be sure your cat is doing well. 

Book a stay at our boutique cat hotel 

Using our professional pet-sitting service will give you peace of mind that while you are away, your pussy cat is getting the very best of care in a safe and loving environment. Our professional and caring team will ensure your fur baby has the perfect vacation at our award-winning luxury cat boarding facility just outside of Geelong. Send us a message to book your stay or call (03) 5236 2115.